Interested in Joining Us?


CBSD accepts applicants for existing and aspiring K9 handlers, as well as those interested in serving as ground support for training (especially hiding for dogs!) and searches. We also work with divers for training our water search dogs, and with savvy boaters for helping us train and search on water.


If you're interested in Search and Rescue, please consider the rigors of participation before deciding if it's a fit for your life:


  • We search in all kinds of weather
  • We search at any hour of day or night
  • An average search can mean hiking more than 10 miles while carrying a 25lb backpack, and up and down significant elevation changes in rugged terrain
  • K9 handlers train 2-3 days per week or more
  • Equipment and mileage expenses can be significant - it's a lifestyle and requires sacrifice


If trudging through the woods in the middle of the night sounds like fun to you, please contact us!