Got Land?


We train our dogs most weekends during the year, and often on weeknights. If you have land in set-aside, or forest land that you’d like to share with us for training purposes periodically, please contact us. Training areas should be 40 acres or larger. Of particular interest to us is land we can utilize adjacent or near to inland lakes in Eastern Washington. This would allow us to stage our open water training alongside land training in a single day, instead of having to commit full weekends to training to fulfill both water and land disciplines.


CBSD members are stewards of land, and pack out our own trash, take care with parking and driving vehicles, and will report any concerns to property owners. We leave gates as we find them, or open/close them as requested by property owners.




Search and Rescue (SAR) is an all-volunteer endeavor. Our members donate their time, money and resources for extensive training and mission callouts throughout the year. This accumulates expenses into the thousands of dollars per handler for fuel, equipment, certification costs, seminars, and mission callouts. Additionally, CBSD has progressive goals for equipment purchases, training programs, and expense reimbursement. If you would like to support our efforts to keep SAR affordable to our members, please consider us in your donation objectives for the year. You can read more about our equipment goals on our Capital Projects page.


Donations are accepted via PayPal, or via mail: (pending)


CBSD Would Like To Thank...


We would like to thank our sponsors, donors, and landowners for their continued support:


American Kennel Club  supported Columbia Basin Search Dogs with funding for our 2019 Certification event. The American Kennel Club offers funds to support search and rescue groups with education and equipment, in addition to their other humanitarian outreach, to include disaster relief.


Walmart offered support to Columbia Basin Search Dogs in 2020, following our efforts in the search for a missing huckleberry picker in Stevens County, and our efforts to recover the remains of two missing persons on the Colville Indian Reservation.


Microsoft Corporation supports Columbia Basin Search Dogs through their Benevity giving program. Microsoft Employees can offer matched contributions to approved non-profits within the Benevity Program.



Silver Lake Camp & Retreat Center, Medical Lake, WA - Located on 300 wooded acres along the shores of picturesque Silver Lake, we are a full service rental facility that specializes in meeting the unique needs of churches and non-profits. We have been serving the Pacific Northwest since 1959 providing groups of all sizes with camping and retreat facilities.



Ferry County SAR - Ferry County Search and Rescue (SAR) is based in Ferry County, in the northeast corner of Washington state. The all-volunteer Search and Rescue Team is part of the Ferry County Sheriff's office and provides a critical service to all residents and visitors to Ferry County. FCSAR is also the Washington sponsor for Columbia Basin Search Dogs, and contributed substantially to our 2019 Certification Event. CBSD is grateful for the continued support and relationship with FCSAR, and Sheriff Ray Maycumber.




Okanagan County SAR - Okanagan County Search and Rescue is a frequent search partner for Ferry County. In fact some of Columbia Basin Search Dogs' valued members are also members of OCSAR. OCSAR contributed substantially to our 2019 Certification Event. CBSD applauds the ongoing efforts for excellence demonstrated by OCSAR, and is deeply grateful for the support.



Stevens County Sherrif's Dive Team - Stevens County Sheriff’s Dive Team serves the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies with underwater search, rescue and recovery operations in Stevens County and elsewhere as directed.  Because SAR diving is a physically demanding activity in an environment that varies greatly, the Stevens County Sheriff’s Dive Team trains throughout the year.  Operational diving environments include evidence recovery, wreck diving, deep water diving, night diving, cold water diving, ice diving, boat operations, multiple dive requirements and more.


Allen Dive Rescue - 24/7Vessel assist, Dive Rescue , Recovery Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, Delivery gas, towing. Battery jump, Boat salvage, Soft. Ungrounding, Search & Rescue / Recovery  photos / videos. Drop cameras, Surveys, Consulting. Hull cleaning. Prop disentangling.  Dock construction & repair, Lifting & Rigging. Salvage.  Vessel Assist ,  Towing . Irrigation screen cleaning. Finding lost items.


MacDonald Chiropractic - Dr. Russell MacDonald of MacDonald Chiropractic is a highly regarded doctor of chiropractic care and attends to the chiropractic health of families in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years he has built a thriving referral practice in Eastern Washington. Many recommend Dr. MacDonald as the first line of defense in maintaining proper vertebrae alignment that is the primary foundation for you and your family's good health. He treats people and dogs too!

Double Eagle Pawn - When the economy suffers, people often have nowhere to turn when they need extra cash. Nobody can predict those times; they come out of nowhere, and it’s all too easy to give up once financial streams such as banks and credit cards run dry. At the same time, when money is tight the last thing any of us want to do is pay full retail value for items. For residents of Spokane, Wash., and the surrounding area, there’s a place they can go for help or, simply, whenever they want a quality shopping experience. Double Eagle Pawn has provided pawn and loan services to the Spokane metro area for almost 20 years. Now with three locations throughout the Spokane are, there is a Double Eagle Pawn near you.


Ruby's Resort on Silver Lake - Ruby's resort and Mini store.Camp, fish, swim at beautiful resort on silver lake! We rent paddleboards, Kayaks, row boats and bikes.


Bureau of Land Management - The majority of BLM public lands in Washington are east of the Cascade crest in the central Columbia Basin and in the highlands of northeastern Washington along the Canadian border. In addition, public lands are found in northern Puget Sound, north of Seattle in San Juan County, which have been designated as the San Juan Island National Monument. A full range of habitats are found on the public lands in Washington and include the maritime Puget Sound lowlands, the central Columbia Basin sagebrush regime, many riparian zones, and the coniferous forest and sub-alpine areas of northeast Washington.



Spokane Bird Dog Association - Our mission is to promote and educate handlers, owners, and the general public on the use and training of hunting dog breeds as conservation tools for the sound management and use of all of our wildlife resources.  In order to do this, we strive to help members train their dogs for hunting; participate in field events, such as, field tests, field trials, hunt tests, etc; and related activities.