Capital Projects



CBSD has strategic equipment and operational goals that support advanced training and deployment outcomes. The following list is a basic outline of capital project goals.


If you would like to support these goals through monetary or equipment donations, please contact us....






  • Boat Maintenance/Upgrades
    • batteries
    • battery station
    • canopy
    • gas motor (8hp)
    • night search lights (wired)


  • New Search Boat CBSD is seeking a larger search boat which would enable us to search on rivers and more open bodies of water in rougher conditions. Having a second boat will also allow us to search larger bodies of water with unknown PLS with two dogs at once. We are looking for a Crestliner 1860 Retriever Boat or similar.  The boat must keep the dog close to the water and searching off the bow. The dog should be within a couple feet of the water. We'd like to have both a gas motor and a trolling motor, and seating for three persons. We also would like a dog ramp. We are very open to consultation with a subject matter expert. CBSD dogs have assisted in the location of three downing victims since 2017.


  • Personal Flotation Devices Water Rescue PFD (qty 3) CBSD would like to upgrade the life jackets we have, to accommodate both water safety equipment and rescue gear. While our primary task on water is the location of drowning victims, our preparedness for rescue events is critical to the highest safety standards.


  • Dry Suits/Emmersion Suits CBSD is seeking these types of suits in 3 sizes so that our water search teams can have greater safety when searching in cold seasons. Already in 2020, CBSD members have deployed for water searches in sub-freezing conditions, without the benefit of these suits.


  • Water Rescue Throw Bag


  • Climate controlled deployment vehicle for dogs
    • Summer searches and training mean that dogs will have to wait their turn, or wait for deployment
    • A climate controlled vehicle will provide us with a safe place for dogs to wait. The vehicle should be able to tow our boat, handling forest service roads, and capable of operating a generator.
    • We would expect some customization capability to accommodate a water tank, cots, dog crates (if not built-in), etc.
    • A vehicle such as this could also be used to assist with animal evacuations and potentially temporary animal housing for injured animals during fire season
    • This could be a retired ambulance, 4x4 van conversion, or MCP.


  • Funding for seminars and events
    • Hosting seminars and events requires travel expenses for instructors and evaluators, lodging and meals for instructors, evaluators, and nominal expenses for volunteer helpers.
    • Providing tuition to members to travel to seminars from which they can bring back new information is also a great way to support CBSD.
    • Donations of air miles, hotel booking points, meals, and monetary donations are all great ways to help us make these important events affordable.


  • Mileage Compensation Fund (CBSD would like to provide a nominal compensation to handlers for fuel costs for the many miles driven each week for training, and throughout the year for seminars and certification events).


  • Operating Expenses (i.e. website, insurance, collateral, equipment maintenance and repair)


  • Field Computer Kit - CBSD would like each certified handler to have a field kit for printing area maps in the field. Laptops will be loaded with SARTopo software, a browser and Google Earth.
    • Laptop donations - Does your company have retired laptop computers? CBSD seeks operable laptops with Windows or Linux OS for our mapping sofware.
    • Portable Printers - CBSD desires small portable printers for printing maps in the field
    • Power converters
    • Pelican-type cases